LED Toilet Night Light

$24.99 $34.99


Do you dread when nature calls in the middle of the night? Don't stumble around in the dark or be blinded by your bathroom light. Sniper Light is a motion-activated, LED light that provides a soothing, colorful glow without disturbing your rest.

Sniper Light is the perfect solution to your middle-of-the-night trips to the bathroom. With a variety of colors to match your mood and decor, Sniper Light turns your toilet into a soft and gentle nightlight, offering the perfect ambient glow that won't wake you up. The revolutionary design is motion-activated, so it turns on when you enter the room and turns off again when you leave. It's perfect for potty-training young ones who need extra motivation in the dark! Just hook the Sniper Light onto your toilet, select the color you love and leave the rest up to the handy night-time tool. 

  • Provides perfect, ambient light for night-time bathroom use without waking you up
  • Long-lasting LED lights are motion activated, automatically turning on and off
  • Perfect for kids bathrooms
  • Available in SEVEN colors to match your mood and decor — choose one or have them rotate!
  • Clips easily to your toilet for easy installation — no tools, wiring or mess
  • Fits any toilet


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