Dog Water Fountain

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Are you worried about your dog getting bored?  Is he chewing on things he shouldn't be?   This is not only annoying but could also lead to expensive Vet bills!  This AMAZING dog water fountain solves many problems!  You no longer have to worry about your dog's boredom, or becoming overheated, with the added bonus of letting them have fresh water whenever they want.  

It's a really fun toy to play with, you can see how much fun our boxer is having!  The best thing is she's learned how to keep herself cool in the summer by activating the water flow on her own.   


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    1. Simply push the open end of the braided hose through the hole at the back of the fountain onto the barbed connector at the rear of the valve body. Screw the other end of the hose onto your outdoor faucet or garden hose.
    2.Turn on the faucet part way. You may also wish to use a ""Y"" obtained from a hardware store to attach the hose to the faucet in order to allow use of the faucet for other purposes.
    3.Remove the air from the hose by depressing the paddle on the Fountain until only water comes out.
    4.Holes at the corners of the Fountain can be used to stake the unit to the ground.
    5.Water standing in the hose can be heated by the sun. Try to locate the Fountain in a shaded area.
    6. Be sure to disconnect during frigid or winter weather. Freezing will occur and cause possible damage to fountain and or pipes.

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