Everyone has a different way of shopping for gifts for holidays, anniversaries, weddings or any other important occasions to them. Some shop all year long, others start in the early fall, while others start some days just before the occasion. Whether you like shopping for gifts for your loved ones early or just a few days or hours before the occasion, the funny thing is that everyone spends a quality amount of time doing so.

Gift buying doesn’t have to be done only in shops. Nowadays things have been made easier for most people as you can shop online from the comfort of your couch. Although it might seem easy, it’s not. You need to visit varies online sites to find what you are looking for. So how much time do people use gift shopping?

How long does it take to find a gift for your loved one?

Depending on the gift shopping method you choose (online, in store and out on the street) the time you spend on gift shopping varies. According to a survey done by, women spend an average of 14 hours searching for a gift for their partners. Although men don’t spend much time, the same survey results might surprise you as it states that men spend an average of 4 hours shopping for a gift for their spouses.

Most people don’t like their holiday gift

Another survey this time done by the Japan-based online retailer Rakuten on Americans shows that almost three-quarters of Americans won’t like the gifts they receive. A third of the respondents admitted to re-gifting the gifts they don’t like, another percent said they resell, donate them to charity and others will keep and forget about them.

Although most people are stressing over what gift to buy for their loved one, they waste a lot of time in things their loved ones don’t like. Women admitted that they drop hints on what they want, but the funny thing is they don't get what they want. Men also do drop hints, but these hints fall on deaf ears as most of them get something totally different from what they wanted or anticipated. Their partner or friends don’t like the gift they bought and that’s what makes gift buying a special but funny activity. Most people like fashion accessories, jewelry, and food or holiday tipple, but there is no guarantee that they would like whatever you buy them.


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