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I love taking photos, and I must say that these lenses have giving me a broad spectrum of different ways to capture images making them very unique. I've seen people use the lenses and love the way they portray a picture. I'm sure that different phones can give different experiences, and sometimes giving less justice to the lenses. I have an I phone 6 to give you a picture, so I can see why some people complain about their results because using lg or older gen. Phones with less pixels.


I love this pen! I have experienced the 3doodler throughout all 3 versions thus far and wanted a pen that used the much cheaper 1.75mm filament. This pen is super easy to use and temp is easily adjustable. I have yet to have it jam after hours of doodling. Pen is very light and controls are simple. Overall I'm very happy and this pen is comparable to the "name brand" 3doodler without the super expensive filament. It uses any 1.75mm abs or pla filament which comes in loads of colors. Easy to load and unload to switch colors as well. I like to draw Pokemon.


I needed a zoom lens for my phone and so I decided to try this one. At first I was really skeptical about this, but it turned out to be better than what I have expected. The zoom is impressively clear and the clip is really secured and tight. It doesn't even leave scratches on my phone. I'm highly satisfied with my purchase and I would gladly recommend this to anyone.


My 12 year old loves this and operates it just fine. I just use ABS and so far no trouble. The little OLED display is great at letting you know what it's doing. Also A+ for using standard 1.75mm filament like my 3D printer.


As a big, burly handsome man... Okay you caught me I'm just pretty average. As an average guy I was really bummed with the zipper on my favorite jacket broke. There were a couple of days there where I was thinking about life without the jacket but then I came across this gem on Facebook, This kit requires zero skills other than reading. I've never repaired an article of clothing in my entire like but after just five minutes my zipper was replaced, my jacket was on my body and life was happy again!

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